Things Blue Mages say


  • Draw. Go.
  • In response, Counterspell
  • It has Flying. You can’t block it.
  • It’s unblockable. Just plain unblockable.
  • I draw my deck out and cast everything.
  • No, you can’t have that.
  • Actually, I’ll take control of that. Forever.
  • Yeah, that goes through.
  • Mmm, bounce that.
  • Before you declare attackers, I’ll tap all your guys.
  • I think Snapcaster Mage was a reasonable card.
  • Blue has the weakest creatures in the game.
  • I mill you for a lot.
  • Then I exile your graveyard.
  • I really like Jace…
  • …but he was never the same since Mindsculptor.

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